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branded commercials

The story of a young production assistant who waits for her moment to become noticed as a cinematographer.

[Commercial] - Sabian - Don’t Hold Back

What holds drummers back? What if they didn’t have to?

A vignette of a tenacious boxer who pushes his body to the limits to get to that ‘next level’

short documentaries

A migrant woman struggles to find work amidst an unexpected pregnancy.

Event / travel

Holiday Mastermind was created to unite high-level entrepreneurs who are passionate about enhancing their businesses, all while doing so in a world class setting.


PJ Accetturo is an award-winning filmmaker who began his career documenting medical transformations on a hospital ship in West Africa. By the age of 18, he was first published in National Geographic and featured on the Discovery Channel for his near-death experiences filming poor working conditions in developing world nations.

His style combines the gritty style of Cinéma vérité from his years as a photojournalist with bold cinematic images from his years as a narrative director. For over 10 years, he’s been an advocate of social entrepreneurship and has traveled the world, creating compelling stories for both non-profits and fortunate 500 companies alike. 


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