fear of the water

--music video--

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This is the story of death, who has an appointment with a young woman that is nearing the end of her war with alcoholism. Her father desperately tries to rescue her before it's too late.

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(listen while reading)


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Death is dressed in a black robe. Genderless and featureless.



With a white dress to contrast death's costume, Stephanie wars with her alcohol addiction, causing her to descend into a path of self-destruction

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the father

Stephanie's father. He wants to help her but cannot unless she asks for it.


Isabella & (still casting)

Color Grade

(Black and White)

visual aesthetic

Soft diffused lighting when possible. Half this will be studio. Half location. Most of it is low key, but it depends on the scene. The locations and costumes should have a ‘southern gothic/dark beauty’. More experimental and high art than True Detective—but I like I’d like to keep the time period a bit timeless by choosing older looking locations and keeping the props to the background.



The video starts out with death wandering through the forest. “Death” is a man in a pitch black robe/cloak/hood. No human features can be seen.

He moves through the city streets (Camera Direction: Tracking steadicam shots, center frame—35mm 10-20 feet back)

—“some ancient call”--

He approaches a house

He looks in through the window


--“if this was meant for me why does it hurt so much”--

He sees a girl (Steph) and her father (Mark) having an argument at Mark's house. Steph said she would get clean but Mark is pulling liquor bottles out from inside cabinets and confronting her about her alcohol abuse. Steph is horrified that he’s found out her stash. She's defensive, angry and ashamed.


--”if we’re not made for me why did we fall in love”--

He doesn't understand why she'd lie to him. Ashamed, she leaves the house.


She cries on the doorstep. 

She sees death, waiting on the street. She freezes.


--“knock at my door”--

Her father goes back to the doorway to see if she’s there. She’s gone. Death is gone. He looks remorseful, maybe he shouldn't have spoke to her like that. He calls her on his phone.


--“if I’m not mistaken I was the last not know”--

She lays on the floor of a black room, staring at the ceiling with a spilled bottle of vodka next to her.


--“if you’d return for me"--

He holds a picture of her, looking out the window of his house.


(Chorus section) 

A metaphorical scene where they're both in a dimly lit room, but there's an opaque curtain between them. We see him clearly but she's silhouetted behind the curtain.

He reaches towards her, but she doesn't see or notice him.

He grasps her face and then they embrace through the curtain. It’s clear there’s something separating them.



She meets death in the black room. She approaches him, circling him, as if she's the aggressor. 


—"fear the water"--

(Surreal artistic image) She lays in a bathtub of white liquid, and her lips emit blood. (not entirely necessary, but I think the visual is very strong)



She wears a black dress now, and lets death put a veil over her face, like his own-—a thin fabric of black.


Her father searches for her in the woods.



The veil scenes


2nd Chorus

She’s led through the forest by death. She smiles.


Finally she ends up on the beach. Death is waiting in the water for her. 


Her father arrives at the beach a few minutes behind and begins to search for her.


Death baptizes her. She smiles as she goes under. He doesn’t pull her up. At the last second, she regrets this decision and reaches up a hand out of the water, panicking.

Mark finally runs sees her (though not death). And runs to the water and finds her hand reaching up. He grabs her and carries her back to the beach. She looks up and smiles and he hugs her.


Fade to Black



references: studio setting


more references


Director: pj accetturo

Cinematographer - JP Summers


We'll be shooting over on August 29th and 30th.



Reach out to me if you have any questions: pjaccetturo@gmail.com or 727-239-3902