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I propose that we do three separate videos to show the calibre and culture of Roma / Fnatic's FIFA team and promote the kit.

  1. 'Home Field'
    1. A 60 second cinematic commercial that will show a Roma player dribbling through iconic London sights on his way to play FIFA '18 with the lads.
  2. Behind the Team
    1. A 3-5 minute featurette with interviews with Sam Carmody, Nicolò Mirra, Simon Nystedt, and/or Damian ‘Damie’ Augustyniak and the Roma player. 
  3. Youtube Influencer
    1. We invite a youtube influencer to come on the shoot and hang out with the FIFA team / Roma player. He'll be providing the 'behind the scenes' video about the shoot and will get to vlog about his experiences 'Playing FIFA with the Pros'. The views from his/her large audience will drive traffic to the other videos and the kit, which people can get a certain % off if they use his discount code.


Visually the commercial will be edgy, gritty, fast paced and a stylized journey through the streets of London. 


home field

60 Second Commercial

music track:


Our Roma footballer gets on his kit. Music slowly fades in from the background but a bit muffled. 

He goes outside grabbing a football and texts someone at the foot of his door. 

“You ready to play?”

They respond back “Ready to lose?”

He grins and puts his headphones on. The music goes from a muffled background beat to full on upbeat strumming—a hard hitting song that gets you moving. 

He runs through iconic London locations, dribbling the ball seen via highly stylized shots and fast editing:

[Note: Which locations we're able to get depends on the overall budget of the commercial.]
  • Bridge near Big Ben
  • Trafalgar Square
  • Tower Bridge
  • The Underground
  • One of the Royale Parks/Gardens
  • Outside Chelsea Stadium 
  • Etc.

The theme through these locations would be that he's faster than everything else. He would be dribbling through:

  • Skateboarders
  • Cyclists
  • A team playing Rugby
  • Down a flight of stairs 
  • Onto a train in the Underground
  • etc.

He finally arrives at the house of the FIFA kid (a Fnatic pro player). The footballer (out of breath, holding a football) opens the door while holding his football. On the other side of the door is the FIFA kid who throws the footballer a controller.

FIFA kid: "I'm gonna beat you with your own character."

The footballer laughs. Walking inside. The music resumes.

We see short clips of the lads beating the footballer with his own character.

He throws his controller down, laughing.

End Title: Fnatic / Roma




This was filmed by acclaimed director Michael Mccourt in Tampa 7 years ago. The visuals are a little dated but I love how this ad shows off the history of the city of Tampa and the pacing is great.

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