ireland film workshop

— This is an opportunity to join a once-in-a-lifetime film workshop

in Northern Ireland to film at a world class surf school —




Whether it’s for corporations, non-profits or brands, documentary storytelling is in demand. Clients are wanting cinematic brand stories and this workshop will teach you how to stand apart and shoot amazing stories.

After working for the last 10 years internationally with brands including National Geographic, Discovery Channel, CNN, and BBC, I’ve learned how to film documentaries in a way that makes an emotional impact on the audience and invokes them to act. In this workshop, I’ll share my techniques for the entire process from pre-production, production and post-production and we will complete a short documentary about the surf school. We’ll also learn how to find clients interested in documentary storytelling and how to pitch them and guide them through the process of telling their stories.

This event is for filmmakers (Directors and DPs) who want to take their work to the next level. This is an advanced workshop teaching for filmmakers that already understand the fundamentals of filmmaking. 


go on an adventure

Join us as we explore 1,000 year old castles, film at UNESCO World Heritage sites, and document surfers and an organization that is changing lives in Northern Ireland. Eat fresh seafood, and wash it down with an ice cold Guinness from a 150 year old pub.


Why brand films /


Short documentaries / brand stories are quickly becoming one of the primary video formats. This will help you understand that process, whether you’re wanting to tell brand stories for corporate clients, or more ‘documentary’ focused content for non-profits/organizations. Short docs have the power to change the world and brand stories are an amazing way to inform and inspire (and provide a great income for you). The process for the two are the same and we’re creating this workshop to help you become a better storyteller and find clients who want this type of storytelling.

I did a short doc about the The Surf Project and the footage/story was  repurposed as a brand story for Alder , who sponsors all the wetsuits for the surf school. (This is why I say that corporate brands and organizations are both wanting  documentary storytelling )

I did a short doc about the The Surf Project and the footage/story was repurposed as a brand story for Alder, who sponsors all the wetsuits for the surf school. (This is why I say that corporate brands and organizations are both wanting documentary storytelling)

Why Surfing in Ireland?

Because it’s awesome. You’re seriously going to love it here. We’re partnering with an organization The Surf Project because they’re an amazing organization that uses surfing to make a positive impact on young people. This workshop would be boring if it was in a classroom back home, so the best way to learn how to do a brand story is to film one. So we’ll be making a documentary by the end of the trip that you’ll be able to put in your portfolio.



By the end of the workshop, we will have created a documentary that will help The Surf Project continue their amazing work, directly impacting the lives of young people all around Ireland. This is a huge blessing for their organization and we’ll be able to meet and mentor some of their students and filmmakers from their program. So not only will this trip change you, but it is one that that will have a huge impact and make a difference in the lives of others.


Join a film community for life

By the end of these workshops, strangers turn into family. You’ll keep in touch with the other members for years to come. Join like-minded filmmakers as you’ll also automatically become a member of the Director’s Table network; a community of high-end filmmakers who share a common vision for expertly telling stories that change the world. Your membership into the Director’s Table family gives you access to the training materials of the workshop for a lifetime. (During the trip, we will be recording all of the training so you can re-watch it later) You’ll also get a members-only discount on future workshops and priority access to insider content.

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Upgrade your portfolio

Over the 4 days, we’ll be telling a documentary about The Surf Project and you’ll be given the assignment to edit one of the stories into a film in the following 2 weeks after the trip. We’ll all be contributing to the cinematography and will each make our own edit. You’ll be able to use this film in your portfolio to attract more brand story / documentary work. The participant who creates the best edit of the documentary gets a $250 B&H gift card.



On our final day, the Surf Project is going to offer surfing lessons to everyone in the group who wants to learn how to surf. Their internationally certified surf instructors make the process easy and the wetsuits keep you surprisingly warm. It’s an opportunity you won’t want to miss. (Even if you don’t want to try and stand up, it’s still super fun to hang out in the water with everyone and laugh your friends wiping out)


Gear to bring

You need to bring your camera (whether it’s a Canon t2i or a RED Gemini). We will have a BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K with an underwater housing available to be shared amongst the filmmakers when we’re in the water surfing (wetsuits/surf boards provided as well). I would recommend bringing a long lens and tripod/monopod to film the surfers from the beach. If you have a GoPro, you can also bring that to film the surfers or yourself when we surf on the final day.

We would recommend bringing a laptop so you can edit your shots (or at the very least, a 4-8tb hard drive so you can download footage from others). A more extensive packing list will be provided to you if you’re accepted into this workshop.



The price of this workshop will include housing in Northern Ireland for 4 days and all meals and any expenses related to this workshop. You will need to purchase your Ticket to Dublin (You can get flights from Philadelphia/NYC from as low as $600). Once you get in country, we’ll all meet up and travel to Portrush, Northern Ireland together (it’s a 3 hour drive from Dublin).

If you want to arrive/leave Dublin a few days before/after the workshop, we recommend that you explore all the sights and wonders of Ireland. We will send participants a guide on the best sights to see like the Guinness Brewery, The Jameson Whiskey Distillery, CS Lewis’s mountain cottage. We will see a number of Northern Ireland’s famous sights during the 4 day workshop including the Dunluce Castle, Giant’s Causeway and other historical sights.


dates & Price

We’re currently looking at doing this workshop mid or late October 2019, with the potential to open up a second workshop a week later, as spots are filling up quickly.

The price of this workshop is currently being worked on, as we’re trying to get the best deals on lodging and nail down a few specifics before we can finalize the total price. We’re doing our best to make this as affordable and accessible as possible while also making it an incredible experience for everyone involved that will pay dividends in your work for years to come.

apply now!

We’ve got an overwhelming response and inquiries about this workshop so please apply today before the spots are taken. We’re also offering discounts to the first 8 applicants that are chosen. We are selective with the application process to ensure a high standard of education and cohesive team environment so please fill out all the questions on the application to your best ability to make sure you share with us. It’s our aim to be as inclusive as possible while also making sure that the final applicants are vetted, committed and there to help create a great time for everyone.

If you’re even just considering this, and are not sure if you can afford it or if you’ll be available, we’d encourage you to apply today. Spots are filling up quickly, but the best way we will know if we can do a second workshop is if you apply. There’s no cost to apply and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can with more details!