--sci-fi short film--


Nightwalker is the story of a mother who journeys into the spirit world to try and rescue her daughter from a mysterious coma. 



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In a post-apocalyptic setting, a mountain overlooks a desert. Kate (a 9-11 year old girl) stumbles along, lost.

She hears a strange clicking sound, coming closer. Kate hides behind a rocky outcropping, scared.

On the other side of the rocky outcrop, we see parts of the camera obscured by something large moving through the frame. Kate hides on the other side of the rock, scared. While the creature’s back is turned, Kate tries to sneak across the chasm from one rock to another.

She trips and falls, twisting her ankle.

The Nightwalker turns around and begins to ‘walk’ towards Kate, who is terrified.


Hard cut to earlier in the day, where Kate is with her mother, Emily.

The two are walking in the outskirts of a desert, in the foothills of a mountain. Emily is sweaty, exhausted from walking across the desert. She drinks from an old army canteen.

Kate: “I’m hungry, mom.”
Emily: “There’s no more food, baby.”

Kate: “Can you find another cactus for me?”

Emily: “No, I’m going to rest for a minute.”

Kate: “Okay, I’m going to find one.”
Emily: “No, you’re going to stay here with me.”


Kate begins to walk away from Emily. Emily gets up and chases after Kate, grabbing her hard by the arm.

Kate: “You’re hurting me!”

Emily: “Listen to me! It’s not safe out there. Eating random cactus isn’t safe. There are some that are poisonous.”

Kate: “But I’m hungry.”

Emily: “Stay here and don’t leave. I’m going to close my eyes for a minute and I’ll find you something afterwards.”


Emily walks back over, and leans her back against a rock, taking another drink of water. She closes her eyes. Kate looks around, discontent.


Emily wakes up a bit later. Kate is gone.

Emily: “Kate?”

She can’t see her anywhere and her tone gets a bit more panicked.

Emily: “Kate?!”


Emily starts walking through the desert only to turn a corner and find Kate a ways away, on the ground next to a half eaten bud of cactus (no thorns on this). Emily runs over and finds Kate with drool dripping from her mouth, convulsing slightly. Her eyes move rapidly back and forth in her head. Emily grabs her.

Emily: “Kate!!”


Cut back to Kate in the ‘dream sequence’ where she faces the Nightwalker. The creature looms above her, walking closer. Kate is paralyzed by fear.


Kate: “Leave me alone!”


The Nightwalker stands over her. The blank mask of the nightwalker leans in close. Kate, instinctively reaches up and lifts up the mask. Underneath is the face of her mom, Emily.

Kate: “No, mom. Mom. Mom!”


Cut back to reality, where Kate is mumbling ‘mom’ in her fever dream. Tears well up in Emily’s eyes.

Emily: “I’m sorry I yelled at you baby. I’m sorry. I’m--”
Kate looks down. She grabs part of the cactus and takes a bite, laying down and putting her forehead next to Kate’s.

Emily: “I’m coming Kate. I’m coming...I’m coming…”


Emily slips into the dream world. Looking around, not finding where Kate is. She runs through where Emily walked. Looking around. She hear’s Kate’s cries in the distance.

Kate: “Mom!”


The creature is still over Kate. Emily runs over. She still has the cactus in her hand. She smashes it into a pulp and smears it all over the creature’s face. She creature screams and the ground shakes. Emily grabs Kate.

Emily: “It’s okay. It’s okay. I’m here.”


Cut back to daytime, where Kate and Emily slowly wake up.

Kate: “I’m sorry I ran away, mom.”

Emily: “I’m sorry I yelled at you, baby. I just wanted to protect you.”


The two hold each other as a drone shot of them fades into the distance.











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