the story we tell



Hey Jeremy!

Been following your work for a few years now (like…9 years?) I don’t know if you remember Tim Moyers, but he told me about your work a LONG time ago and I’ve been following ever since! I also have another connection with you via Scott Harrison because I took his photojournalist job at Mercy Ships in 2008 when he left to go start Charity Water. Anyway, Alexa Lopez from Panavision said to reach out to you about a potential opportunity to do some marketing work for Panavision with me.


Last week I did a Spec commercial for RED. It follows the story of a young production assistant who has always wanted to use a cinema camera, but her talents were never noticed by anyone. One day she catches her big break and gets to operate a tracking shot on her longboard because their dolly broke. She ends up shooting the rest of the spot on it and it catapults her into a career as a camera op.


Simple story, but sweet. I uploaded it without thinking much of it. And woke up the next morning to 15k views and an email from Jarred Land, the president of RED, saying that he loved the commercial and shared it with his entire staff team.


We got hundreds of comments from people saying they really identified with the character. That it made them cry, and that they’re also in a similar place—waiting for an opportunity to prove themselves.


I think it really shows the need for camera companies to make short stories about people getting their opportunities to shine. Filmmakers are dreamers. I believe this series would validate the dreams of so many young filmmakers that are waiting for their first time to use a cinema camera.


So I made a little pitch video about the commercial and sent it to Panavision last week, to see if they’d be interested in telling short stories like this. In the video, I explain the concept for the films, and why I think it would really highlight how Panavision is helping the next generation of filmmakers become great storytellers.


When writing the 3 films, I kept thinking of your work. The Hawaii Tourism series is one of my favorite commercial series. There’s something so magical about it. The images and sound transcend the typical cinema experience and resonate deep within your soul as you watch it.


I would love to create something similar for this series with Panavision. A story, similar to my RED commercial but with the human tone of your shooting style.


Alexa said that Panavision never really makes commercial content, but they might make an exception for this story.


So she’s talking with the other marketing execs this next week to see if there’s some way we can work on this series.


So all that is to say, would you be interested in DP’ing the project if we can get Panavision behind it? I’d love to send over the script concepts and see if they spark your interest.


Check out my pitch video to Panavision to see the visuals for what I’ve been talking about (check out the video above).


This series will be a really inspiring set of stories for the next generation of filmmakers and I’d love to partner with you to tell them!