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This is a 10 minute mocumentary about the top Rocket League Youtubers teaming up to try and make a real Rocket League movie. The stars play caricatures of themselves; making fun of each other, Rocket League, and the streaming industry as a whole. In the end, they're able to reconcile their differences and make the world's most badass movie trailer.

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The film opens with old VHS footage of a kid playing with hot wheels and a soccer ball.

Cut to an interview of Jon Sandman looking at the camera, The Office / Mocumentary style.

Jon: “I’ve been doing his for as long as I can remember. Even before YouTube, I just loved being on camera.

jon sandman.jpg

7 year old Jon ‘vlogs’ with a VHS camera.

Jon: “Yo whatup Coral Springs elementary, it’s your boy Jon here—shoutout to Mrs. Hutcheson for letting me borrow her camera. I’m here with my best friend Mike. He’s going to be playing with me today.”

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 2.15.32 PM.png

Mike: (angry) “Shoutout to Mr. Casey for taking away my cars. You suck!”

Jon puts the camera back on himself.

Jon: “Okay, still working on his manners”

Jon walks over to a different part of the playground. A skinny blonde kid just flips his car in the air endlessly

John (whispering a bit): “There’s this new foreign exchange student who never wants to hit the ball, he just flips his car in the air. I don’t even know if he speaks English.”

As Jon walks by him, the boy waves at the camera and saying “Moi Moi”.

John walks over to another part of the playground and finds a kid in the middle of a bunch of kids building a fort out of blocks (that looks suspiciously like Minecraft bricks)

John: “Oh I wanted to introduce you to my other best friend, Rob. Hey Rob, do you want to play car soccer with us?”

Rob: “No, I’m quite busy building a castle. As you can see, this is infinitely more popular than what you’re doing.”

Jon rolls his eyes at the camera and walks away: “He’ll come around one day”

Jon is back on camera in the present day.

Jon: “A couple weeks ago I got this random email from this guy wanting to make a Rocket League Movie. He has like 100 subs on his youtube channel so I thought he was full of crap, but he bought us all plane tickets to Florida for a month, so I figured maybe it could just be a vacation.”

PJ awkwardly looks at the camera in a subsequent interview.

PJ: My name is PJ and I like making movies. Um, so my brother was the first person to do the Tide pod challenge and he died so my family got a bunch of money. I quit my job as a Capri Sun street promoter and decided to make a rocket league movie. I don’t really have a YouTube channel like the rest of these guys so hanging out with them is really cool because I get to see what it’s like being famous.

Pj walks into a cafe with Jon, Mike and Rob. A few students sit on the couch.

jon and rob.jpg

PJ: “Yo we got F2 in the House. Drinks on them because they’ve got that YouTube money!”

A girl looks over at them: “Who are you guys?”

PJ: “This is Jonsandman, he’s like, the crazy one that seems like he’s always on drugs but he’s not. That’s Neatmike, he’s super edgy, he’s like the Luke Skywalker of the bunch right now because he’s a bit of a recluse these days and isn’t streaming. Or he just went to jail. Either one.”

Girl: “So you guys are like, professional gamers.”

PJ: “Well they’re not professionals. Like they’re not that good at the game, they’re just famous because they’re funny.”

Girl: “They don’t seem very funny.”

Rob walks in. The girl gawks.


Girl: Oh my God, are you Mr. Woofless?

Rob: “Why yes I am.”

Girl: “You have to come and get a picture with me and my friends”

The girl walks over to her friends.

Girl: “He’s a super famous Minecraft player.”

Mike mimicks the girls to Jon.

Rob: Yeah I didn’t really want to be in this film. Ever since I quit rocket league I feel like I’m finally free. I don’t have to do crate opening videos everyday. I don’t have to pretend I’m good. I can just play Minecraft where kids aren’t as toxic.

We see scathing comments on his YouTube channel.

Mike: “When PJ first told me about this idea I thought it was stupid for a number of reasons. I’ve got a great job. I mostly stay at home and consider myself a community manager on the Rocket League subreddit. I help players understand that their problems with the game are insignificant compared to real problems one the world. I’ve had to make a few accounts because I keep getting banned but you know, that’s just the price I pay for doing the Lord’s work.”

neatmike bleach.jpg

Rob: Actually, I’m really just doing this for Jon because he gets so happy thinking that F2 is back together.

Jon: “I used to be an actor. Back before I became famous and all of my wildest dreams came true. But some days. I wonder. Did I miss my calling? That’s why I wanted to do this.

Rob: We brought in Jared, aka Sunless Khan to help produce this film because I don’t even think PJ has really played Rocket League before. He plays with a keyboard and mouse on a PS3.


Jared: “When I first heard about this project, I was pretty opposed to it because I had made my own rocket league film. I don’t really think you can top it so I’m pretty convinced this film is going to suck but I’m here to steal subscribers from everyone else. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only youtuber here making original content.”

Cut to a video of Jon opening crates

Jared: “But maybe you can’t be successful and original."

Jared stares off into the distance.

Jared: “Maybe you have to choose.”

Sizz vlogs on set, pointing a camera at himself.

Sizz: “So this is our first day filming. The film is essentially sponsored by Tide. So as a joke, I’m sticking the craft food table with Tide pods.”

Rizzo: “That’s so messed up. His brother died.”

Sizz: “So they got me on board with this project because I’ve been looking for an opportunity to find out if Rizzo really smokes and I figure with all these cameras there has got to be one that will catch him.”

Rizzo looks around suspiciously, and walks around the back of a building

Rizzo and Athena are on camera being interviewed.

Athena: “We’re just so happy to be in this film. I’ve always known someone would cast me as an actress. So I’ve been waiting my whole life for this moment. Dillon is so excited to be here with me.

Cut to Rizzo alone on camera, afterwards.

Rizzo: “Athena is making me do this. I don’t want to be here.”

Mike: “Jared couldn’t make today’s shoot so we’re using Seth Rogen as a stand in and the voice actor Tina from Bob’s burgers will be dubbing his lines.”

The camera pans to Jared, who is standing to the side, not amused.

PJ: “We initially approached Psyonix as a sponsor for this video but they said:

PJ pulls up his phone, reading the message.

PJ: “We don’t believe F2 represents our values as a competitive sport. Mike is not family friendly, Jon makes the same videos with different titles and Rob hasn’t played rocket league in a year and never seemed that into it in the first place. On top of all of that, none of them have a shot at ever competing professionally.”

To the side of the camera. Rob, Mike and Jon look at each other

Jon: “They said that about us?”

Pj: “Yeah, it’s from their community manager, Devin. Kinda seems like a jerk.”

Jon and Jared sit next to each other on camera.

Jon: “Making this movie is turning out to be a lot harder than expected.”

Jared: “PJ has almost run out of Tide money, and we’re not even halfway finished with the film.”

Jon: “Spirits have been kinda low. I’ve been thinking a lot about what Devin said. Maybe I should give up streaming to work on being a pro player.”

Jared: “Jon you make more money than any pro player.”

Jon: “Yeah but I spend it all on loot crates—that’s how I get more views.”

Jared: “So it’s just a never-ending cycle.”

Jon: “Pretty much. My wife works so that I can stay at home and stream with the baby.

Cut to a crib full of ramen, doritos and snacks.


Jon: “I just throw a bunch of food in his crib and check on him twice a day.”

Just Jared sits in front of the camera.

Jared: “I’m beginning to regret my decision to become a rocket league streamer.”

PJ sits in front of the camera.

PJ: “So this film is way over budget and none of the actors are cooperating with me. Athena isn’t even in the film and she’s in half our shots, vlogging in the background.

Athena walks through a take of one of the scenes, blowing kisses at her phone and waving.

athena 4.jpg

To the side, Mike drinks Jack Daniels straight from the bottle.

Mike: “This production is falling apart.”

Jared: “You can’t even wait until later?”

Mike keeps drinking.

Mike: “Nope.”

Off to the side, Sizz sits in front of a computer. PJ watches from the side.

Sizz: “Yo whatup fam. Just here to say that this is a completely trash movie production. It’s like that Director from the Room is trying to make a movie about people washed out Rocket League players.”

Cut to PJ in front of the camera, holding back tears.

PJ: “My whole life it's been my dream to make a rocket league film and work with my favorite youtubers, but now that they’re all here I just wish that I never made this film.”

PJ runs away from the camera. The actors doing a scene nearby watch PJ run through them, crying.

Jon: Wait, what happened? Was anyone paying attention?

Nearby, Rizzo plays rocket league on a computer while Athena takes selfies with him. Rizzo isn’t paying attention at all and Athena acts like he is while she takes photos with him.

Jon: “Sizz did you say something to him?”

Sizz: “Why do you think I said something to him?”

Jon: “Because every other conversation you have leaves somebody in tears.”

Cut to another scene where a production assistant holds a tray of coffees, giving one of them to Sizz who takes it, looking inside and smashes the tray of coffees on the ground

Sizz: Yeah I suppose I can be a little difficult—but I didn’t say anything to him. Well, not directly.”

Jon looks at Sizz, accusingly.

Sizz: "Look, we’ve been here for a month. Unlike some of you, I actually play this game professionally. This is a complete waste of time."

Everyone looks at Sizz, otherwise doing their own thing until now. Mike is pouring whiskey into his coffee. Rizzo is vaping, but then puts it away suddenly. Athena is putting on makeup, using her phone as a mirror. Rob is stacking blocks in a corner of the room.

Sizz: “None of you can even act. This whole project was doomed from the start. Let’s go, Rizzo.”

sizz 3.jpg

Rizzo and Sizz leave. Athena, completely unaware begins to snapchat.

Athena: “Hey guys, so Rizzo and I have our big scene tomorrow! I think we’re going to kiss! I’m pretty much the star of this movie--can’t wait for you all to see it.”

Everyone looks at each other. Mike looks baffled.

Mike: “She’s like...walking, breathing anime character.”

Jon turns to Jared.

Jon: Let’s talk to PJ.

Jon and Jared walk into PJ’s room. PJ is playing with hotwheels watching Freestyle Friday.

JHZER (on screen): “Moi guys!”

PJ: “Moi JHZER.”

Jon: “Hey”

PJ: “Oh hey guys.”

Jon looks at a cork board with cut-out photographs of all the youtubers pinned with ‘best friends’ and a photo of PJ at the top.

Jon: “Do you have a minute?”

PJ: “I was kinda busy, but sure.”

Jared: “I was looking at the production schedule and we’ve got budget for two more days of shooting. I know you really wanted to make this film, but you’re losing your cast.”

Jon: “You spent most of the budget on the car that Sizz just drove off in.”

Cut to Sizz and Rizzo driving off in an exotic car, whooping.

PJ: “Guys, I don’t really know how to make a movie. I just wanted an excuse to hang out with you all play rocket league.”

Jon: “Well, I think there would have been cheaper ways to do that. Like just adding on us Steam.”

Jared: “Your ideas aren’t bad, but I think making a feature film is unrealistic.”

PJ: “So you guys don’t hate me? Sizz was being such a jerk.”

Jon: “Sizz is a jerk to everyone. It’s how he shows love in his own demented way.”

Jared: “Look, we’re running out of time. We’ve got to salvage something out of this so that the last three weeks of our lives weren’t for nothing.”

Jon: “Yeah, you know how many crates I could have opened by now?”

Jared stares at Jon.

PJ: “Alright, I think I have an idea of how to fix this. But Rob isn’t going to like it.”

We see a movie theater, with a line of people walking into the doors. On the marquee it says ‘The Rocket League Movie (Trailer)’, Sponsored by Tide.

Johnnyboi walks up to Mike, who is standing in line. He looks up at the marquee.

Johnny: “Wait it’s just a trailer?

Mike sips on a jack and coke.

Mike: “Yup.”

Johnny: “You’re saying I flew all the way from London just to watch a trailer, not even a full film?”

Mike: “Mmhmm”

Johnny: “How much money did you spend on all of this?”

Mike: “You don’t want to know.”

Johnny: “Well I guess I better get a drink too.”

Inside the theater, guests take to their seats and Jon stands at the front next to some of the cast.

Jon: “I just want to thank everyone for coming out tonight and all of you watching out Twitch! This movie almost didn’t get made for a lot of reasons.”

From the side, Sizz raises his mic.

Sizz: “It actually didn’t get made. It’s just a trailer salvaged from parts of the movie.”

Jon: “Thank you, Sizz. It’s made me realize that I need to pursue my career in acting and streaming is holding me back from that. So after we show this, I’m going to be shutting my Twitch down."

Cut to girls in the audience crying, people watching online, aghast.

One young man (Krinovi or Squishy) watches on his computer at his house shouting “WHY JON, WHY!?!”

Someone else smashes their computer monitor on the ground.

Cut back to Jon, who smiles and laughs.

Jon: “Nahhh, I’m just kidding. After this we’re going to open up some crates!!!"

He pulls out an airhorn out of his pocket and toots off a couple blasts.

Jared walks over and takes the mic.

Jared: “So without any further ado, we present to you: Rocket League League, The Movie (Trailer).

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 3.08.10 PM.png

The lights dim and everyone takes their seats. Jared sits down next to PJ.

Jared (under his breath): “I still think mine was better.”

PJ: “Wait you made one?”

The film plays:

  • Somber piano music similar to 'The Force Awakens' (trailer below) plays.
  • In an empty low-lit warehouse, we see Jonsandman, Woofless walk up to a car and pull the cloth off, revealing a Dodge Charger (similar looking to the Dominus)
  • Next we see a silhouetted, sunset drone shot of a stadium (ideally with cranes nearby) 
Rob: “They’re building a stadium.”
  • Jon looks at Rob.
Jon: “It's just supposed to be a game. You can’t make Rocket League real, right? People could die."
  • Rob opens the car door, looking serious.
Rob: “That’s a risk some of us are willing to take."

Sunless Khan sits behind a desk, on camera at a 'Gamestop News' type segment. He straightens a stack of papers while he talks. His second sentence crossfades out as we cut to the next scene.

Sunless Khan: "Amidst serious controversy, Psyonix buys out Nascar to become the next racing sport. The stadium is set to be finished sometime next year."

Rob and Jon pull up to a mechanic shop with a massive sliding door.

Jon: Where are we?
Rob: If you're serious about this, we're going to need a coach.

The massive sliding door to the mechanic shop creaks open. A figure stands silhouetted in the light of the shop, haze billows out of the shop, dramatically. Mike steps out to meet them, smoking a cigar and holding a bottle of Jack Daniels, wearing a Nautical captain's hat.

Mike: Heard you boys needed a captain.


At home, Jon's wife confronts Jon in the kitchen.

Jon's wife: “I can't believe you're training for this. There aren't any second chances out or do-overs. If you get hit. You're gone."

Jon shakes his head, pacing.  

Jon: “My whole life I’ve been pretending that I’m a driver. I need to know for real if I have what it takes.”

Mike and Jon pull up in a car onto a racetrack, Rob follows them in another car. Ahead of them, The two cars stop in the road as a car is blocking their way. They get out to see Sizz in front of his vehicle, with his arms crossed. The camera zooms in and a title appears on screen (Scott Pilgrim style) with Sizz's player information and favorite phrase "What a save!". Jon and Mike get out.

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 3.07.58 PM.png
Mike: “You here to race?"
Sizz scoffs at them.
Sizz: “Sorry boys, I only compete with real pros."
On cue, another car pulls up next to Sizz. Rizzo steps out. Another graphic sequence appears as Rizzo winks at the camera.
Rob: “Let's go. Quarter mile, right now. Demos allowed."
Jon: "Rob--"
Sizz: "You're on."

The four cars rev their engines on the track, peeling out. Rizzo leads the pack, followed by Jon and Mike (in one vehicle), followed by Rob, and then Sizz. The four cars fly by, approaching their final lap around the track. Rob swerves, trying to not let Sizz pass him. 

Rob: "He's not getting by me."
Jon: "Let him pass! He's gonna--"

Sizz yells as he hits the boost button and accelerates through Rob's car. We hear an explosion and see a flash in the rear view mirror of Mike's car. Mike and Jon pull over, running to the burning wreckage of the vehicle.

Jon and Mike stare into flames (presumably the smoldering remains of a car).


At a cemetery, Jon and Mike look down at a grave, holding flowers. Jon's wife turns to him, tears in her eyes.

Jon's wife: “If you go down this road, I’m not going to be there. I can't bear to lose you too.”

Jon's wife walks away. Mike looks at Jon.

Mike: "It's not too late to walk away."
Jon: "There's only one place this ends."

We see another silhouette of a stadium and hear crowds cheering in the background. On a soccer pitch, we see four cars squared off against each other with a giant soccer ball in the middle. Mike and Sizz yell as they race towards each other, (with gaudy boost trails) straight at the ball.


Back in the theater, Johnny looks at Rob.

Johnny: “So was this even an official rocket league film?”

Mike: “Nope”

Mike glances at the camera.

Mike: “It’s a Tide ad.”

Cut to credits.




'Never Idle' - Valvoline spot and 'Legend of Solorzano' is the inspiration / mood board for this project, visually. The edit, pacing and aesthetic will feel similar in tone, combined with the structure of The Force Awaken's trailer.

This shows the visuals tone for the ‘trailer’ part.

More visual aesthetic for the trailer.

If we’re wanting to make this feel like a movie, then pacing and structuring it like TFA trailer is a recipe for success.

The movie Popstar is the tone that I’m trying to emulate with this project. Similar to the mocumentary tone of ‘The Office’. It feels like a documentary but lampoons itself.

My recent work:

I work mostly in high end advertising, but I’m looking to get more into doing commercials for video games and Youtube RED original narrative films.


A collaboration with so many Rocket League players has never been done before at this scale, so combining viral potential of a real life Rocket League trailer with the massive audiences of the players involved will make a huge splash.

I intend to shoot 15-30 second promos for each player involved, so that they'll get a little teaser trailer to put on their channel. These function as teasers to movie and get each of their audiences pumped about the movie. We then release those a week or two later with additional behind the scenes content. 

Sunless Khan would create behind-the-scenes vlogs about the process, extending the content train beyond the one trailer.


We're looking for sponsors to help us raise funds to accomplish this project. Getting Psyonix or Gamerlink (or Tide if they're feeling edgy) to sponsor this project would be ideal. We could also do an Indiegogo to raise the funds. $20k is a starting price for a project like this but the more funding we're able to raise, the higher the production quality we will be able to achieve--and we'd actually be able to pay people rather than do everything on favors.

production details

LA has a lot of good industrial exteriors for what we're wanting, but it also raises the cost of filming exponentially. 

My production company is based in Tampa, Florida and we have great connections with the film commission here to get crew and locations for very cheap. 

I'd like to rent a big Airbnb to house the talent and we shoot over the course of 2-3 nights. During the daytime, we will vlog and hang out with the players. 

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Or give me a call at 727-239-3902

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