the street dog

--Valvoline spec--



An aging mechanic can't keep himself from street racing. "The Street Dog" is a reflection on his obsession and the legacy he'll pass on.




"They call me the Street Dog."
  • Street Dog walks up to his mechanic shop with a cigarette in hand
"Probably because I’ve been chasing cars all my life."
  • He opens his bay door to reveal a set of antique cars
"After the war, a lot of my friends turned to drugs."
  • He stops in his office, grabbing a set of keys. The camera hangs on a photo of him in the army.

"I turned to racing."
  • Quick cuts of him ramming his car into gear and peeling out.

"Been on the streets for 52 years. I know them like the back of my hand."
  • Driving through the city streets.

"A lot of these kids say I’m an old man."
  • He pulls up next to two young racers, who scoff at him for wanting to race.

"They stop laughing halfway down the track."
  • He smokes them, leaving them in the dust.

"My granddaughter says I'm a rebel."
  • He works on cars in his shop with his granddaughter

"I know I may not set the best example.
  • He lights her a cigar while they work on cars.

"But you can’t teach an old dog new tricks."
  • Out on the road Street Dog gets his car ready to race.

"This is all I know."
  • He glances at the car next to him, it’s his granddaughter in another antique. They both peel out in a cloud of smoke.




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Salomon Ligthelm's 'Never Idle' - Valvoline spot and Jonny Mass / Abandon Visuals's 'Legend of Solorzano' is the inspiration / mood board for this project. The edit, pacing and aesthetic will feel similar in tone.

Work I've directed

that is aesthetically similar:


Looking to shoot this over two nights in June in LA.

Diego Gilly will be shooting this on 16mm.

Looking for a Producer and crew.

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